PE Teachers

Let’s face it – you have a lot of kids in your classes and not all of them have the same physical abilities. As a result, naturally gifted players get to play and have fun, while less athletic kids are shunted to one side where they get to sit and watch.

All that changes with Air O Sport!

Air O Sport is a disc target game that combines the accuracy of frisbee golf with the action of basketball and ultimate. It’s a no-contact sport. No one gets hurt.

Air O Sport inspires teamwork, hand-and-eye coordination, and fitness.

PE teachers tell us they LOVE the design, indoor/outdoor use, easy set up and the fact that up to 10 kids can play with each set.

PE Teachers also love that kids get a workout without even realizing it due to the high cardio adrenaline filled competition.

Students love the challenge of knocking down the Rockets!



Knock Rockets off the Rocket Tower with soft, safe Air O Discs – aerodynamically shaped bean bags.

I definitely think Air O Sport is a great supplement to PE Class. It can really supplement any activity, especially ultimate, basketball and soccer. It can be played indoor and outdoor. My favorite part is the design. It’s very inviting and engaging for kids that aren’t into traditional sports.

-Kristen Gilmore

Physical Educator, Kearney Middle School

Air O Sport helps develop the following skills

Basic Motor Skills

Basic and advanced striking, passinG

Defensive skills. Your team is guarding the rockets rather than an imaginary goal line

Spatial Awareness

Social and Emotional Team Skills

Selfless teamwork.


  1. Air O Sport is portable
  2. Air O Sport is easy to set up
  3. Made of top-quality materials, the towers, rockets and discs are durable


  • Hours of fun – kids will love the challenge and will lose track of time
  • Played indoors or outdoors
  • All that’s needed is a flat surface
  • Customizable
    • Target practice
    • Timed matches – who can Release the most Rockets in a given amount of time
  • Educational – you can actually teach STEM subjects with Air O Sport, everything from math to figuring angles.

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